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The Sign of One's philosophy is hard to pin down and wrap your brain around, probably because even the Signers don't quite agree on what it is.  They believe that the center of the multiverse is it's people.  Each one is unique; they're the greatest wonder of existence.  In fact, "reality" as we know it is merely a backdrop, no more real than thought.  In fact, it's created by thought.  Without people to imagine it into existence, there'd be no multiverse.

Some Signers believe that each person is the center of his own multiverse - that reality is constructed by the collective thoughts of everyone.  Others believe that there is one person that imagines it all, and the rest of the multiverse is merely that person's imaginings.  Others believe that they are the Imaginer.  They say that the only person's existence they can prove is their own, and that therefore everyone else is part of their own imagination.

Either way, each of the faction's orders believe in the power of imagination, and use it to shape reality.  Their belief may sound like pure screed, but they do get results.  Years ago, there was a lot of tension between the Signers and the Bleak Cabal, as their philosophies are diametrically opposed.  The Signers announced that they had decided to imagine the Bleaker's leader, Factol Nobey, out of existence.  He was found dead the next morning, and no cause, either physical or magical was ever determined.  The Signers and Bleakers have been enemies ever since.

In Sigil, the Signers base themselves in the Hall of Speakers (the building) where each person can speak his mind about how the city should be run, and the factols meet to enact the laws of Sigil.  On the planes, they are strongest on the Beastlands.




Dreamer [General, Signer]
Many signers put much stock in dreams, which they believe portend the future, often because the mind is unfettered by doubt, and can imagine whatever they wish into existence during dreams.
  Membership in the Sign of One
Your dreams are particularly portentous.  Once per night, while you sleep you have a dream that predicts the future, giving you the equivalent of a Divination spell.  Alternately, if you are a spellcaster, you may substitute any other Divination spell that you know, and gain the benefits of it instead of the Divination spell.  Additionally, the DM may choose to bestow upon you portentous dreams whenever he sees fit.

Notice Illusion [General, Signer]
Signers believe that everything is created from within, and so things that are created by others are more obvious to them.
  Membership in the Sign of One
You gain a +4 bonus to saves vs illusions and automatically gain saving throws against them.

The Power of Imagination [General, Signer]
Signers can imagine things into existence.
  Membership in the Sign of One
You may imagine things into existence. By doing this you may mimic any spell of up to 4th level, though you cannot duplicate a spell of higher level than a cleric, druid, or wizard of the same level could cast. To do this you must pass an imagination check. An imagination check is determined by rolling a d20 and adding your wisdom bonus and half your level to the result.  The DC of the imagination check is 20 plus 5 for every imagination check attempted within the last 24 hours. If you fail the check, you may not try again for 24 hours. If  you ever roll a natural 1 on the d20 check you have imagined yourself out of existence and become a Shadow Conjuration version of yourself. This reduces them to one fifth on everything as a Shadow Conjuration spell states in its description. Only another Imagination Check or a Remove Curse or similar spell can restore you to normal.

Greater Power of Imagination [General, Signer]
Some signer's imaginations have become even more powerful.
  Base Will save of 8+, The Power of Imagination
  You may imagine spell of up to 9th level, though they still cannot be of a higher level than a wizard, druid, or cleric of the same level could cast.  However, when attempting to mimic spells higher than 5th level, if you roll a natural 1, you have imagined yourself out of existence too well, and you are instantly slain with no body remaining (therefore requiring a True Resurrection to be brought back). 




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Factol Darius

The factol of the Sign of One, Darius the Veyl grew up in the realm of Tir Na Og, on the shores of the great sea Feyliriel.  Unlike many of the factols, who are typically driven focused personalities, Darius seems soft and unfocused.  Her graceful presence, dark olive skin, and flawless complexion hold a body's attention, though, and those that've spoken to her say that at fleeting moments her gaze seems to harden and become steady.  

Darius was thought divination at her fathers knee, and as she grew to adulthood she earned the title of Veyl, a teacher and advisor among her people.  Called the Esprene, they were a simple people that fished the sea Feyliriel and had little contact with the rest of the Outlands.  It was not uncommon among the Esprene for the youth to leave and seek adventure for a time, but Darius the Veyl was content with her lot, and would have probably spent the rest of her life in her small city, were it not for the return of Toddy.

Toddy was an Esprene that had left many years ago, and had since trained as an assassain.  But Toddy was in trouble - he'd been forced to accept a contract on a friend named Mason.  Toddy wasn't a nice person, but he still had something of a sense of honor.  Mason has saved Toddy's life twice, and Toddy didn't feel it'd be right to take Mason's.  

Toddy's employer was a tanar'ri general named Za'rafass, who was planning a raid on the Outlands, and Mason was a blood capable of causing them problems.  Toddy figured that if Za'rafass died in battle, he could just lay low and not kill his friend, but if Za'rafass was destined to live, then not killing Mason would mean that Toddy's own life was forfeit, so he sought the Veyl's advice.

Through her divinations, Darius advised Toddy to lay low - Za'rafass would die of wounds received during the battle.  Then she set out to make sure that would come to pass.  She tracked down Mason and told him what was going to happen, allowing him to organize an effective resistance that put Za'rafass's army out of business quick.  The tanar'ri were forced to retreat back to the Abyss, but out of spite and revenge, they looted and burned any city they came across on the way back. 

One of those cities was Darius's. 

With her village destroyed, and no people left to tend to, Darius wandered the planes for a time and eventually fell in with the Sign of One.  Her powers of divination served her well in Sigil's political arena, and she proved herself to be a potent dreamer.  Indeed, many Signers say she achieved her position in the faction by imagining herself there.

As the factol, Darius has served the Sign of One well.  Less self-centered than most Signers, she runs the Hall of Speakers with an even and fair hand.  Among her faction, she promotes enhancing the faction's empathic abilities, and their tolerance for diversity. 

Tactics:  Darius isn't a fighter, and generally travels unarmed.  Should she be attacked, she will most likely teleport away.  She has some skill in brewing potions, and so carries a few useful ones on her at all times.  Whenever she leaves the Hall, she casts Cat's Grace, Endurance, Fox's Cunning, and Mage Armor on herself, and so is most likely encountered with these in effect.  If the DM does not wish to roll these on the fly, assume the following adjustments: Dex 16, Con 17, Int 24.  This raises her hit points to 74, and her armor class to 20 (flatfooted 17, touch 13), and a +1 to saves versus her spells.

Darius the Veyl, Female Human Diviner11  CR 11; Size: M Type Humanoid; HD (11d4)+22; hp 54; Init +1 (+1 Dex, +0 Misc); Spd Walk 30'; AC 14 (flatfooted 13, touch 11), ( /x ) or ; SA: Summon Familiar; Vision: Normal AL: NG; Sv: Fort +5, Ref +4, Will +12; Str 10, Dex 12, Con 14, Int 23, Wis 16, Cha 16

Skills and Feats:  Bluff +10, Concentration +16, Diplomacy +14, Heal +8, Knowledge (Arcana) +20, Knowledge (History) +11, Knowledge (Literature) +11, Knowledge (Religion) +12, Knowledge (The Planes) +20, Scry +20, Sense Motive +10, Spellcraft +20; Brew Potion, Craft Wand, Dreamer, Greater Power of Imagination, Iron Will, Spell Focus (Divination, Enchantment), The Power of Imagination
     Possessions:   1 Headband of Intellect +4,  1 Amulet of Natural Armor +3,  1 Ioun Stone (Vibrant Purple),  1 Potion (Blur),  1 Potion (Cure Serious Wounds),  1 Potion (See Invisibility),  1 Potion (Truth),  1 Wand (Silence),

Typical Prepared Spells: Level 0: Dancing Lights x1, Detect Magic x1, Detect Poison x1, Mage Hand x1,  Read Magic x1 Level 1: Comprehend Languages x1, Endure Elements x1, Hold Portal x1, Mage Armor x1, Magic Missile x1, Protection from Evil x1, Shield x1, Level 2: Cat's Grace x1, Detect Thoughts x1, Endurance x1, Fox's Cunning x1, Levitate x1, Locate Object x1, See Invisibility x1, Level 3: Avoid Planar Effects x1, Dispel Magic x1, Fly, Haste x1, Suggestion x1, Tongues x1, Level 4: Arcane Eye x1, Charm Monster x1, Locate Creature x1, Scrying x1, Zone of Revelation x1, Level 5: Dominate Person x1, Hold Monster x1, Prying Eyes x1, Teleport x1 Level 6: Disintegrate, Mass Suggestion x1, Probe Thoughts x1